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Sea Wolf

I started this project by gathering supplies. It had been a long while since I'd used a dip pen, so it was fun to explore changes (there were few) etc. Still, any exceuse to play with new art and office supplies is an excuse I will use! :D



Then it was off to find the band. I have too many favorite bands to choose from, so I put my Spotify favs on shuffle, wrote down the first 20 that played... Then drew one out... And wouldn't you know -- It was one of the few I had no real love for as I only really knew (and really liked) the one song!


Still, I pressed forward, because in my daily life, I have to design things I wouldn't choose for myself to work on all the time! :)

The song I like by Sea Wolf is "You're a Wolf." You can find it here:     
Using this song and what little I could find about the grouping online as my muse, I decided to just go literal with it. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate water. I knew I wanted to use some sort of wolf something -- and from there I started sketching out an idea: A sort of wolf made of water feel.


Which turned into this once inked and cleaned up in Photoshop:


After I pulled it into Illustrator, I vectorized it, cleaned it up a bit, and added some text I drew in Illustrator (not with ink, but with a graphic pen.) to create this:


Now it's time for color! Since my day job is working as digital art and prepress for a multinational pork producer, I decided to design this using similar principles to what I do daily. So, after choosing my spot color pallet, I knew that the black would overprint all. I knew that to get the most out of my three colors, I was going to be using some halftoning, and I knew that, depending on the opacity of the ink and the darkness of the paper, I might need a fourth color, opaque white, to make certain areas pop. However, that would only be determined after speaking with the printer and sinc eI would probably never print this, I decided to let white slide for now.

The colors chosen are PMS 3145 & 657 + Printer's Mix Rich Black on a vibrant aqua stock.


Which separated thusly:


And here's where I ended up:


After reading some of the comments supplied regarding the poster, I tried to come up with a better, more natural, use of text in it. I admit, this is not the best, but short of completely redoing the whole thing (somethign I just didn't have time for at the presetn, here's what I came up with.


Please leave comments letting me know your general impression of the piece, what works, what doesn't work, and other thoughts. I truly appreciate the feedback. :)

Thanks for looking,


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