Sea Turtle Animal Mark (Formerly known as (Unicorn Animal Mark!) | Skillshare Projects



Sea Turtle Animal Mark (Formerly known as (Unicorn Animal Mark!)

April 27 - counting it a real privilege to learn from other artists! Will try the techniques taught by creating unicorn animal mark.

Here is my mood board and my reference image:

April 28 - I enjoyed doing the sketching, although I still need to find a way to simplify it. I don't doubt that my sketching skills could use improving but I am also wondering if my reference image could be improved as well. Any feedback toward improvement is appreciated!

April 28, 2014: Ok - going to try this reference image instead:

April 29, 2014 - Well hell...this is not going well! Threw my sketches of my second reference picture into the trash can:

Next step: find a simpler animal...sigh.

May 1 - Thought maybe I would try a pig:

Then I got some great feedback from a classmate who suggested a sea turtle and I really liked her idea so I'm going to try it! Looking forward to trying again!

My reference image:


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