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Sea Slug Siren


I'm going to be combining this project with an illustation I had to do! The theme was Ocean Monsters, so I did some research and got these animals as an inspiration.

I didn't want to do anything too conventional, so I skipped the usual animals.

Afterwards I started with the thumbnails. I kind of already knew the kind of creature I wanted, but I did find some new options that I'd like to come back to later!

Afterwards I started refining 5 of these. I must admit I did do these in one sitting so I wonder if they'll be ok the next time I open the file. Particularly, I liked the sea slug girl, the vampire octopus, and the Billfish person.

For the task I had to do, which was an illustration for a group exposition, I decided to pick the first character. However, I might continue with the other characters after I'm done with that.

I must say that the process so far is extremely good for illustrating outside of character design, although I think I might be using colors that are a bit too dark. I'm very much falling in love with this technique.

Here's the process of the illustration so far.

Close up

This is as far as I got today. I still need to watch the whole class competely, as I paused in Refinement, but I hope to continue the class with the other characters if the format for the illustration becomes too stiff.

Feel free to give me any advice! I'd love to hear :) 


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