Sea Sick! Pirate Character Design by Cole Roberts

My name is Cole and I'm a graphic designer from Oklahoma now living in Tennessee. I'm hoping to improve my illustration skills. I am absolutely excited to be a part of this class!

Growing up I've always been inspired by the grossness of the 80's and early 90's (TMNT, Toxic Crusaders, Ren & Stimpy). When thinking about my pirate, I wanted to give him a specific role that he'd play to the community of pirates while keeping my influences in mind. A question I asked myself was, who do pirates see when they're sick? Everyone needs a doctor! I hope to create a fun character inspired by shapes and the gross out factory from my childhood influences.

I appreciate any feedback and comments as i'm hoping to get the most I can out of this class. Excited to see the outcome of everyone's projects!

Here's a link to my Pinterest board:


Here is my 1st round of character sketches. I wanted to combine pirate and witch doctor. I'm leaning towards C & D. I would love any feedback. Thanks!

Here is my final sketch before taking the drawing into Illustrator. I chose most of the characteristics from character D and combined a few of the elements from C. Ready to get started!

Shapes are done, ready for photoshop! 

Here is the final for now. I had so much fun making this come to life. I'm so happy I decided to take this class. I've learned a lot and everyone has been super nice and supportive. If you have any feedback or critique, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again, everyone!


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