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Sea Salt Ranch

People walk into our house and look up.  The eye goes up, up to the skylights, the high ceilings, the mixed woods and the warm quality of the light filtered through the thick walls.  Its a special space, our friends who own it and lived here before we rented from them are people with a tangible, subtle magic.  They are organic farmers and beekeepers and parents, and this small lofty space has been imbued with their love of nature, the knowlegde of good soil and the secrets of earthworths.  

Sometimes I am really very grateful that the first thing people do is look up and breathe deeply, dropping off the noise and whirl of the busy street only a half a block away (thanks to the thick walls its seems much farther), before bringing their gaze back to earth.  Because then they notice all my junk.

Or, sometimes they don't.  I'm telling you, the secret to happy guests in a small house is high ceilings.  But if they notice or not, I have a lot of stuff.  I love flea markets and nature and I will haul back to the house almost every conceivable item left out on the curb.  I'm always shooting for rustic/ranchy with plants up the yin yang and sometimes get close but end up always a little cluttered, or a lot.  RIght now its leaning towards chaotic.  

I grew up spending a lot of time at a coastal cattle ranch, and I reach for the feeling of that place in my homespace.   The lizards and touch of Spanish haciendas, the tide of wildflowers in spring and the smell of the sea and salt that reaches back even into the most secret canyons. Also the dry crackly smell of chapporal and California coastal sage, the twisted briney ropes of seaweed fermenting on the beach.  

So, nothing fancy, most things found, but what I want from this project is to clear a path to the beautiful so that the ease of the ceilings follows to earth.

Here are the photos that to me evoke the feeling I want to capture:


Now for the photo whose style I love:

Okay I love this Styling because its rough, its lively, its perfectly inviting and unpretentious and doesn't look like its trying too hard.  

It is also highly functional, which is the No. 1 (NEEDS).  You can grab what You need and use it, especially the overhanging BLING of shiny copper pots, they are accessible and pretty to boot.  Also the great NEEDs-serving TEXTURE-loving rough branch the pots are hanging from sings from the throat of nature and serendades my soul.

I love the TEXTURE and PLACEMENT of the wire baskets (and the repetition of them, yes my eyes they are a resting!) also the hanging herbs serve NEEDS, TEXTURE, COLOR, SHAPE and LIFE/BOTANICALS.  

The background photos maybe a bit busy for some but to me they fix a great watercolor-type palate of COLOR of sepia hues and subtle pinks and greys and also add LIFE and repetiton of SHAPE.

 I also like that this styling could still use a little EDITING still ( it gives my brain something fun to do) because the counter has fun SHAPE TEXTURE and BLING but it seems to have a little of my own tendenecy towards a cluttered/jumble, so it needs some help with PLACEMENT.  But I secretly think that this also adds a dash of LIFE.   Now Im not sure there is much PATTERN here but I think the mucho TEXTURE really makes up for that.  

*** Now I am getting on a plane for El Salvador for 1 week (hooray hooray) and will continue this most pleasing of tasks upon my return.  Cheerio for now.  


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