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Sea People

Hi Everyone, I'm really excited to have found this class, and love the idea of a forum, where we can help and encourage each other.

So here are my thumbnails.  I must admit that I had a hard time finding a brush that I liked In Photoshop for this part of the assignment, so I used the AskEtch app on my I Pad to start my initial thumbnails. However, I’ll be using Photoshop with the rest of the assignment.

My story is about a small North Sea town at the turn of the century.  The story came about as I started creating some characters, but I think that books on tape  about sea voyages may have influenced me.

  1. Innkeeper's wife
  2. Her son
  3. Fisherwoman
  4. Young miss
  5. Milk boy
  6. A boy who think he’s an Indian
  7. Captain's wife
  8. Fisher boy dreaming of sailing
  9. A Maharajah
  10. Innkeeper
  11. Seaman
  12. Cabin boy
  13. Captain

So far I'm gravitating towards thumbnails 5, 12, and 13.  I need to pick two or three more.  Any ideas? apreciate any feedback!

Evaluating the thumbnails.

This is a learning process for me. I can realy see how this technique would be helpful in revising the silouhettes and making sense of the clothing.

- Kind of reminds me of the stars contellation  -  Hope I won't get lost through all of these. 


Out of these 5, I've picked 3 possibilities: 9, 12, and 13  because they have the most negative space in them.  

Your thoughts and suggestions are most  welcome, I haven't ruled any of the thumbnails out. :) 

Design variation

Even though this is about a small town port and it's people, I've decide to first  work on a tourist; A visiting thrill-seeking marahaja who's the talk of the town.

Here are the references for this images.  And yes, I blatenly used the comptractions into the images, and the portrait is of Marahaja Duleep Sing, is of a commission that I finished in July.

The above character is purely fictional and not based on Duleep Sing, but I thought that it would be fun to add an unexpected element in the storyline.


More desing variation

I've desided to work on the marahaja on stillts, but realised how static he looked, so I made more thumbnails to come up with more interesting poses.  I like the last two equaly, and I' am undecided which one to pick to paint.  

Any favorites? Would love to know.

Maharaja at the sea side

Have been fleshing out this character a little more. 

Here is my take of a maharajah on stilts.  I wanted to use the idea of his shadow following his first steps, and use gradient for the background to give my character a sense of vulnerability, especially with a strong light beaming down on him.  Perhaps if I had added the rest of the town observing him, this “story” would make more sense.  But as it is, the character seems small and lost.  Is this a re-do?


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