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Sea Komodo

Update 1

Narrowed down to two basic ideas. I like the body and I'm going that way.I like the first one because it feels more solid on this body type, I like the second cause itseems more unique.

Collected my references, I have a lot these are just a few examples.

And then I've worked on my study. I kind of sped through this part cause I'm excited to get to the color schemes.


So I started sketching for my project. A lot of my sketches ended up having aquatic features. From there I was reminded of my recent trip to the Boston Aquarium where I saw sea dragons which are a rare type of seahorse. Once I knew I wanted a creature with sea dragon type looks I thought it would be fun to combine the other dragon, the komodo dragon. I really like the way the komodo kind of lumbers along and they way their feet are postioned. I still have a lot of sketches to do but I like the idea so far. The first picture is where I'm heading and the other are earlier sketches.


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