Sea Creature Ink

Sea Creature Ink - student project

I do not have all the proper tools to get the same look as the artist. I do have some watercolor brushes so experimented a little with that and ink but ended up using micron pens.  I do not have a light box for tracing and was to lazy to use the window holding the page up for that long.  I ended scanning and copying my original pencil sketch and inking over it.  My original was very messy so eventually I would like to get a light box to be able to trace onto nicer paper.  Also I will eventually invest in some nicer brushes because I love the look and options those allow.  

I really enjoyed making the coral and also the different sea creatures.  I held back from adding more details.  I would like to try this again and work to bring out the textures more.  That said I'm happy with my first attempt! Sea Creature Ink - image 1 - student project

Sea Creature Ink - image 2 - student projectSea Creature Ink - image 3 - student projectSea Creature Ink - image 4 - student projectSea Creature Ink - image 5 - student projectThis file won't load straight for some reason!!! This is my favorite version of the mermaid.  

Ariel Hricziscse
Hobby Artist