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Scurvy Scallawags

Finally had a chance to start the class this evening. I have my inspiration board set up over here:

I'll toss some of my early sketches below.

I sketched this out with Paper on my iPad. Iii will try to take this character a bit further. I like his happy little face. I think it might work well I with a shovel and some sand. 

I worked on my guy a bit more... but after I looked at it, I realized his size isn't cartoonish. I kept envisioning him with a peg leg all proudly standing on a log or treasure chest. Which you can see partly in the sketch below.

I did this on actual paper for a change so my boys would hopefully try to color a bit as well (didn't last long). It's getting closer, but still not there yet. I figure I'll need to take it to illustrator or photoshop to nail out some of the issues I'm having. I really want the arms to be bendy. I feel like I fixed the cartoonish proportions, but I'm unsure how to handle the legs. I suck at legs/feet. Also, unsure at this point what to do with his head. I liked the original hat, but I also kind of like him bald.


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