Sculpting me...

My mission is to sculpt and redefine myself. Reignite my passion for training, fitness and living  a healthy lifestyle. I admit to myself and more recently to others that I have lost my way, but I am proudly announcing  I am fighting my way back, my mind inspired and my actions stronger.

My goals:

Achieve 13% body fat (just a number but measurable and trackable)

Sculpt out my 6 pack, no trick lighting!

Find balance, recharge my energy levels, step outside my comfort zone and to live each day inspired!

1st 2 goals may seem superficial yet achieving them are a testiment to my reclaiming my life and balancing what is most important. I will explain...My happiness is not dictated by achieving these goals, it is in fact the opposite. By redefining my life, finding balance and reigniting my passion for training and clean eating I will find happiness and only then will I achieve these goals. Enjoying the journey and loving the lifestyle. I have been there before, all in balance, 6 pack, eating clean, training hard, pushing myself and inspiring others, it's all a positive loop, feeding incredible energy back into an incredible life!  Lost my way somewhere and caught in a different loop.....but today and every tomorrow I continue to pick myself up a little higher...I WILL again live every day inspired!

Honest self assessment....my training has been pretty consistnat throughout my jounrey the last 2 years. My 'spark,' my' fire' has gone out. I used to jump out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, excited to attack my training, 6 days a week whether I was at the gym or a quick cardio blast at home but something everyday working towards sculpting a better me. Time passed, (long stories inserted in here), the fire fizzled, momentum slowed and now I struggle, I still train at the gym 4 times a week but more just not to lose ground on all the work I have done. Nutrition slipped, giving into stress eating and looking back I have allowed this to continue too long, it shows and I feel it. This is not me. I am a person with fire and passion, I thrive while pushing towards a goal, have a direction. I have allowed myself to 'bob' around long enough. Time to get back on course!

My Action Plan: I need to reach outside my new, more recently more comfortable zone and get moving again, try new things, get organized and stoke the fire! Signing up for this course was a great start, getting back into Fitocracy another boost of motivation! I am surrounding myself with like-minded people! 

Regarding training: I have ramped up my efforts in my training, not just showing up. I wrote a training program for myself that I will stick to a month and then write a new one. I will get up and get going when the alarm goes off in the morning, the time for a quick sweat sweat session to start the day far outweighs the benefit of the extra 'dozing.' I am used to early mornings but dragging a bit lately and I know I can make them more productive! Need to prioritize starting the day with exercise, I know it will boost my energy!

 The nutrition plan more challenging, I have been struggling with stress eating (emotional, mindless), practicing more mindful eating, definately more aware this week and acknowledging where the triggers are. I have worked hard to fight sweets and winning the battle. Much more going on in the kitchen with kale chips, chickpeas and sweet potatoes, the key is to have the healthy favorites always available. I will base my meals around a lean protein and fibrous carbs and go from there. 

I also have a few additional plans that inspire me. I am planning a home gym makeover and have designs to build an outdoor bootcamp style "jungle gym" for spring: suspension trainers, training ropes and pull ups, oh, my! So excited, working on execution! I am definately a goal-oriented person, I tnrive with a mission to work on! 

I am feeling more inspired since putting a plan into action, I must work every day to make my commitment stronger. I know that with a bit of effort now I will again reach that critical point where the positive effects of all these changes begin to feed themselves. Thank you Fitocracy for kicking my butt back into action! 


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