Jessica Robley

Artist in Perth, Australia



Sculptin' Humanoids

02 Dec 2015

This was my first time using Z Brush... (aside from one time I opened it and scared myself away by making a freakish creation out of what I can only guess was a human being shaped brush or object...)

Anyway, I'm really happy with what I was able to do today! I started with the mouse, unsure if using a graphics tablet would make a difference, but it did; the tablet felt so much more natural. I only used the claybuilder brush so far...

Looking forward to trying more and maybe building a body or bust in future...


06 Dec 2015

I painted over the sculpt in Photoshop. Now it looks less or more creepy depending on your stance on clowns.


14 Dec 2015

Another basic try! I like the alpha textures - so much fun!



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