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Stephanie Kilgast

Artist and Sculptor // aka PetitPlat



Sculpt Mushrooms from scratch with Polymer Clay





This class will guide you to sculpt your very own mushroom sculpture. I will be using polymer clay and other media to color it : dry pastels and acrylic paints. It is a fun project that can be done in a couple of hours and is very versatile. No special skills required to try this class out!

This class will guide you through sculpting three types of mushrooms. It is build up in a chronological order, so you can easily follow along and bake when required.

1 - Learn how to make a quick sketch and decide up front how you are building up your sculpture
2 - How to sculpt the mushroom caps
3 - How to sculpt the mushroom stems
4 - Assemble cap + stems and add the gills
5 - Sculpt a flat fungus
6 - Make a base for your sculpture
7 - Finishing Touches

However, since we are going to use sharp tools, children need to be under the attention of an adult.



Sculpt your very own mushroom.

Assignment :

Using the skills you learned in this class, design your own mushroom(s) in the colors of your choosing. Sketch how you envision your final sculpture, but leave space to change your mind when sculpting.
You may use your own reference pictures or replicate the shapes shown in this video.

Deliverables :

1. Quick sketch of your mushroom sculpture
2. Mushroom sculpture alone
3. Mushroom(s) on their base

Don't forget to have fun! :D






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