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Scuba Steve

My Story

In 2008 I was graduating from college and decided to go after my dream of since I was a little kid, I began selling shirts out of the trunk of my car and after a short time my car was repossessed, refusing to give up I then began walking to the side of the road trying to sell my shirts, seeing that I would not give up the local news came by and did a story on my brand and my never giving up attitude.  After the story ran I was approached to rent a kiosk at our local mall with terms that I could pay at the end of the month.  I started the kiosk with 10 shirts and only $20 ($7 went to Chick Fil A that day) I sat at the kiosk for 2 weeks, caught rides with my mom and did not sell a shirt.  One night after two weeks while closing up a girl said "I'll take one!" I gave her a huge hug, that night she put my story on her facebook and I received 2,000 friend requests and the next morning I had a line of people waiting for me when I opened the kiosk and I sold out of the 19 shirts.  In just a couple of years I sold over 30,000 shirts worldwide.  I promised if I ever made a living doing what I loved I would give back, so for every shirt sold I give a shirt to a local homeless shelter.  I was tired of seeing people reach out internationally when we have so many people here in our very own backyard struggling.  My mission is to clothe America one tee at a time.

-Scuba Steve 


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