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Alexander Russell




Scuba Badges

Beginning: I had a difficult time starting this project. There were many different ideas I had floating around, but none of them seemed to lend themselves. As i was struggling to get a grip as to what I wanted to spend my time making, I had a nonchalant conversation with my roommate who is getting his deep diver certification. I started thinking about these certifications as visual badges as opposed to only written certifications. I've done a little bit of research and I don't think anything like this exists, at least not as extensively as I think this project could take it. 

Sketches and Thought Map: (I'll upload them as soon as i get them off my phone.)

Certifications to illustrate: While there are several more certifications than my research found, I felt that these ten would be fun to turn into badges.

- Open Water Diver

- Adventure Diver

- Rescue Diver

- Deep Diver

- Cavern Diver

- Night Diver

- Boat Diver

- Ice Diver

- Wreck Diver

- Master Diver

Mood Board:

I developed a mood board with illustration styles I enjoyed as well as some scuba/nautical inspiration. I used the top left as inspiration for my color scheme. I really enjoyed Yoga Perdana's Volcano icon so i took some shape elements from that. The top right nautical illustration was also a big inspiration for the first badge i attempted, "Deep Diver"

Building in Illustrator:

My initial thought was to deviate from the norm by using a rhombus of sorts. I didn't want to use a circle or square. The illustration is pretty basic vectors, with a play in the transparency elements. I've only just started running with this scuba idea. I'd really love some feedback while i take some time away from the screen. I think there could be more going on (especially in the first aid one). I'm open to criticism and ideation, so please, fire away. I'd also love to hear if anyone had ideas for some of the other things on the list.


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