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Scrumptious & Healthy? YES!

Hello Barbara & fellow classmates:

Great course, I enjoyed learning and also working on the video! I look forward to your feedback and thinking ahead to the day there is a Divine Cafe located in every neck of the woods. 

Video Elevator Pitch:


When it comes to trying to eat healthy dining out can be a huge challenge.  And if you’re goal is eating healthy –it’s darn near impossible to find one.  

Divine Café includes all of the things we all love about going out to eat and offer the healthy versions of the foods people love to eat.

Divine Café is a perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat for anyone who want to enjoy delicious foods in a cozy setting.  Yes, Divine Cafe offer fun + inexpensive, bites of deliciously decandent food to the healthy-foods dining experience.  

Our customers are anyone from young married couples and hippies to dieting women and budget-conscious diners would love to eat out because it is trendy place for anyone to feel right at home from the first time.



Celebrities are die-hard fans of eating healthy too!

"Wow wow wow, I never imagined meatless meals could be so satisfying." - Oprah

“After doing a lot of research,” Tia says, “it became very clear that becoming a vegan was the best choice for me.” – Tia Mowry

Divine Café is dedicated to making a difference by offering fresh, wholesome & delicious, non-meat versions of our favorite dishes.

The menu includes savory items like our Zucchini Spaghetti with Not-Meatballs & Marinara Sauce, Spring Rolls, and Chili with Cashew Meatsauce.  

We have Spaghetti & Meatballs to Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce!

And for dessert we have Strawberry Cheesecake and Marble Fudge Brownies to name a few.

Our foods are Deliciously Scrumptious and Healthy.

With an interesting twist…

What's the twist?



Yes, one taste and you’ll agree that Divine Café is the best raw vegan fast-food restaurant on the planet!  


Dining at Divine Cafte is also an easy way for people to make a difference in our planet due to our commitment to suing only sustainable produce from local farms.

I also believe that giving back to the community is important so a percentage of each sale goes to our foundation project called LAF, a faith-based organization providing hope & support to families coping with mental health.

With your help, you can help me take Divine Café to the next level. So, the question is... will you join the healthy-food revolution with me?


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