Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy

Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy - student project

A few months ago I started making a homemade hand scrub to give to family and friends as gifts. I made a label really quick one day on the fly and now is my chance to spruce it up while learning and practicing my hand lettering.

I am really inspired by vintage, hand-lettered looks. I love when artists combine vintage-looking script fonts with bold block fonts. I consider my style feminine, but I am by no means "girly". Therefore, since mainly women will be using my scrub, I want this to appeal to them, but I want it to have a vintage, whimsical, look, while exuding an "I am woman, hear me roar" feel :) Since the scrub is all natural and contains essential oils, I also want it to have an organic, natural feel as well. 

This is an image I posted on instagram… you can see the quick label I put together. This is the container that I will be putting my label on. I used washi tape to adhear the wooden scoops to the side.

Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy - image 1 - student project

Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy - image 2 - student project

I would love to hear feedback! Thanks :)

UPDATE 5.17.13:

Here are my sketches. Leaning more toward the first one… constructive criticism and/or suggestions are welcome!

Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy - image 3 - student project

UPDATE 5.27.13:

Here is my newest sketch. I chose the top one from my last round of sketches and cleaned it up a little. Still black and white, but the finished product will have color.

The plan is to print these out on sticker paper and the side strips will wrap around the sides of the jar and hold the wooden scoops onto the jar. Either that, or I will use baker's twine to tie them to the neck of the lid.

Scrubalicious Hand & Foot Therapy - image 4 - student project

Katie Palamaro

Graphic Designer