Scrub jay

Scrub jay - student project

I feel very intimidated by everyone elses rendition of this scrub jay, but here's mine.

I'm having a very hard time placing pronounced lines. Hopefully that is only due to the very unusual way to hold the pencil and will get better with more practice. 

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)


Edit: I did a second practice drawing of a blue tit one day later. Behold: 

Scrub jay - image 1 - student project

I know the chest part isn't right, but at least it somewhat resembles a tit, I think.. 


Edit 2: Tried again with a robin, after rewatching the demonstration.

Scrub jay - image 2 - student project


Edit 3: Some practice for lines and angles

Scrub jay - image 3 - student project

Joana Stegemann
Eager to learn!