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Sara Elisa Verona

Graphic Designer, Letterer, Calligrapher



Scripta Manent

Hey everyone,

finally I got the chance to start animating lettering. THANKS A LOT, Jake for teaching us AE. I've always wanted to learn this stuff - I'm in loving with it and now here I am doing my baby steps, lol.

I love lettering and motion graphics so am definitely gonna improve my knowledge on this.

My phrase is Script Manent - "written words remain" in Latin. 

Here's my initial Lettering sketch:


I then proceeded with tracing it on AI, chose the colors and jumped to AE.


Feedback is more than welcome! ;)

ps: I don't know what I am doing wrong because my gif size is always at least 1.5 MB... I want KBs... :(

I thought it may be the gradients but I see Jake had a background with a gradient, I followed the suggestions: 128 dithered. 

Help! :D


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