Script review

Script review - student project

Hello everyone, my name is Lara and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Spain.

You can check my work here:

I have recently started to play more with lettering and script handwritting and this workshop has been very useful.

These are the things that I have noticed during the process (sorry for the word choice, it was done before I made the course but I thought it would be both fun and useful)
Script review - image 1 - student projectThis is the main sketch, it is quite small (a5 size aprox.) but I really liked the flow of it somehow. There were some mistakes easy to spot as well.

Script review - image 2 - student projectSo after turn it into vectors, I fixed some things and liked the results better (blue), but I am still not so sure about other bits (orange).

Script review - image 3 - student projectIt was hard for me to keep the verticals/horizontals rule for the most part, I feel the lines lose their natural movement; I have also noticed a lack of consistency in the endings (1) and thickness of these lines (2).

Script review - image 4 - student projectI would like to add more swirls and ornaments but I guess until the shapes are not corrected I shouldn't move forward.


All critiques are welcome (and needed :))