Scribbling Ideas (pt-br: Rabiscando Ideias)

The 11 Questions:

  1. Marketing is for connecting with people.
  2. It's my solo project. I can touch anything that is according to my values.
  3. I can measure how many people read/see my posts, how many interact, how many buy, and how many talk about it after.
  4. What I can change: I can show different ways of learning what you want, relating with people and working with what you love. Ways that are more human, organic and fulfilling.
  5. The promisses I make: You will experiment with better ways of learning, making things and interacting with care.
  6. The hard part: communicate value. Explain what people don't know that exists. Show value before. Build a business model.
  7. Make trends or follow them? Follow new, emerging trends; make them where they don't exist yet.
  8. The risk, for me: not getting money. Not fulfilling the promisses. Communicating with clarity. For the clients: leaving the comfort zone. Taking responsibility. Culture shock.
  9. Who is in charge? Partners and myself.
  10. What is the money for? Keeping the rented space. Building infrastructure: technology, communications. Help other projects.
  11. How to spend my time? Learning. Communicating value. Connecting with people.

The brand in 3-5 sentences: tbd;


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