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Mary Finlayson

Scribble Scrabbles Studio



Scribble Scrabbles Studio

Scribble Scrabbles is a child centered art studio dedicated to filling a child's creativity bucket to the brim. Children are full of colorful, curious and imaginative ideas. Unfortunately, there aren't many places for these wonderings to be actualized. Through a process of scribbling, scrabbling, dribbling and drabbling we help bring these little untold stories to life by painting, drawing, sculpting and collage. Children learn how to use art to express themselves and are encouraged to overcome the fear of beginning. Classes are centered around creative exploration and are centered around the idea of how to change a 'mistake' into a piece of art.

Mary Finlayson is the sole owner of Scribble Scrabbles. As an Educator, Artist and Art Therapist she began to see first hand how children and youth were being impacted by the rapid loss of art education programs within schools nationwide. Her aim is to create a space where children are able to express themselves freely and creaitvely through a developmentally appropriate art curriculum.


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