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Screw it! & Do it!

Update 19th February

A few process shots:

Thumbnails. Thinking that I want to screen print this - so thats at the back of my mind as well :o)

First draft - obviously didn't leave enough room for the w & I wasn't too impressed with the layout on the bottom half....

Second draft - and much happier with this - like the swooping letters in the top half - and the big bold letters in the bottom half.  Went with a swirly ampersand to fill the space in the bottom left.


Update: 6th Feb 2014

ive attempted to sit down and start this for so long, I had the idea of the quote below ('this is the best far...), then decided to change it to something else, then it was Christmas, new year.... time has flown.

More ecently it's been about trying to & finding the time to work on this - then it seemed I was making excuses not to (didn't have the time, had other things to do etc) but then I've realised im doing myself a dis-service by not taking the time to sit down, have a break from the other things I'm doing and do something I enjoy.

So - without much thought, or hesitation - my quote has become:

"screw it and do it!"

I want this to be a print as a final result - that I can frame up and keep in sight, to remind me that sometimes, you just need to forget everything else and do what you want. I feel it's gonna be my mantra for 2014. Could get me in a whole heap of trouble..... :)

Ive recently bought myself a couple of reference books - 'Ad Boy - Vintage Advertising Characters' and 'Custom Lettering of the 60s and 70s' - both of which have given me ideas for the feel to my piece - big, bold lettering - and a halftone, slight Mis- registration colouring effect on some of the letters.

photos to follow...


November 2013:

My phrase is going to be "This is the best thing ever, so far, this week, today" - which I said recently when being daft about something - and at the time said "that needs to be a print"!

Pretty true I feel for the kinda disposable world that we live in - that the best thing ever today, is replaced by something newer and shinier a few days later.

In my spare time (away from the day job!) I enjoy screen printing - so I would hope to be able to print this as a 2 or three colour print once finished.

I am really looking forward to learning the process - taking my time and evolving my design - as I do tend to jump right on in at the deep end.

Would love to use some vintage style lettering - so will be reaserching round this area for my mood boards - and see what I come up with!


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