Screening Room page header

I'm working on an upcoming relaunch of a website focused on DIY animation, and wanted to make some hand-drawn animated text for the header on the page where we'll be sharing some inspiring short films paired with interviews with the makers. I drew in black on white, and then inverted it with a gradient mask so it would look like text on a movie screen in a darkened theater.

Since I knew all of the headings on the website would be set in Playfair Display, I printed out my text and actually made my tracing from a printout to make sure the letterforms and spacing of my hand-done letters would match the site.


I did add the dots for registration purposes in pen.


I didn't have any tracing paper, so I made five tracings onto watercolor paper, underlit by my lightbox.


The final GIF:


And here's a screenshot of it in context:



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