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Scratchpad To-Do

I work for a software company that does speech processing + conference calls. I made a to-do app that would go in tandem with our web app.

- User logs in with existing GS account. This synchs them up with meeting activity. 

- User has the Scratchpad app open while on the conference call. 

- As action items come up during meeting/call, the user adds them via Scratchpad. 

- As soon as user presses "New", the app timestamps the moment during the recorded call that corresponds with the "New" To-do. The user can enter the information and the To-Do is synched up with the recording when the To-Do item was discussed. 

- To-do item shows name, due date, if it is high priority, and hyperlinks to the call. When the user hits the link, it takes them to the call recording at the exact moment when the action item was made. 

- Number in triangle refers to how many days the To-Do has been in the queue.

- Once the to-do is completed, the number indicated -/+ days from due date that action was completed.

- Users always have access to the hyperlink to the GS recording, but they will have to uncheck and re-enter a new date in order to re-activate "completed" to-dos, if they need to un-do.  

- When entering date---> Month will autofill for user, and as soon as a date is entered- the calendar icon will show the Day of the Week. 

- High priority red indication can be clicked on and off.









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