Scrapbook paper package

Scrapbook paper package - student project

I used some patterns I already and added a few more to have an even number of papers. I run into a bunch of issues though and I am not sure how to fix them/avoid them in the future.


I made the patterns in AI - for some reason if I used the darker color for the dotted background, I would see lines around the tile of the pattern but only at certain zoom levels or pattern sizes. I could not figure out what is what so I made al the backgrounds a lighter color. I realized that I get this error more often that I thought because I checked other patterns and I could see lines in them - but I cannot pinpoint the exact conditions when that happens.


I created the pages at 3600x3600 and exported for web. I went in PS and changed the resolution for 300 dpi, then I created the new doc for the marketing material. This is when things went South. I bought in the pages, but they are pixelated. Same problem with the embellishments and the t ext. I can't get the doc to display clearly.


I am also wondering if there are "rules" for proper composition of such packages. For ex, if it would be better to replace the coral on the dotted patterns with cream or yellow or to the reverse - to use more coral in the otherpatterns.


Scrapbook paper package - image 1 - student project