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Scrapbook Travel Shoes :)

Hello y'all!

Hmm....where to begin.....Well, I honestly loved the idea of taking this class, however, as I wracked my brain for some brilliant invention to sketch, I could not think of anything. :)  So, I decided to just add on to something I personally enjoy and sketch it like a new product! (and maybe it is, but I am not sure....)  Anyways, I am a nanny and I travel with a large family on business trips and vacations.  I always liked the idea of creating a scrapbook of my travels, but I never get around to pasting and cutting, so I bought a pair of white sneakers and wrote/drew the places I had been on the trip!  That is the inspiration for this product I have sketched.  These "Scrapbook Travel Shoes" are simple sneakers that come with plastic decal stickers and some sort of heating pen (never seen one, but I'm trying to invent it.... :)  The sticker book of decals can either come ready-made with lots of country stickers, or it can simply be a book of plastic sticker decal paper for the traveler to draw on.  Either way, once that particular country has been visited, you get to check it off your list by adding the proper decal to your shoe and making it stick by applying the heating pen.  (I honestly cannot say how this fabulous pen works, but perhaps another student can try sketching/designing that idea).

Happy traveling, and thanks for listening to my ramble!! Ciao for now~  :D



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