Scrap or Memento or Souvenir or ...

Scrap or Memento or Souvenir or ... - student project

A Start-Up Description

Scrap lets you create beautfiul, simple digital scrapbooks of your life. A virtual, visual library of you. 

Scrap is like Pinterest for your memories. 

Scrap's Bigest Holes
I already use X, Y, & Z service for my photos/videos/sharing my life.

It is too hard to keep scrapbooks/journals, will this be easy enough?

Can I compile things (photos/videos/posts) from multiple sites into my scrapbooks?

MVP Solution

Create a landing page briefly explaining Scrap with email sign-ups for updates (track number of people signing up). 

Create 1-2 Tumblr themes that replicate site functionality and track number of downloads.


1. Create 3-5 brief stories of how people would use scrap (Trip, Child, etc).
2. Spend 1-day building landing page (if takes more than a day, scrap the project).
3. Promote on facebook, via select friends, twitter.
4. Find at least 10 people who would use the service. See if they can find 10 people.
5. Track sign-ups for for weeks. Compare growth sign-ups form week one to week four.