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Scouting Singapore w/ Dzulkanean Ali.

Hi everyone. My name is Dzulkanean, but you can call me Dzul for short (The "D" is silent, yeah just like Django). I recently got the VSCO x Skillshare scholorship and immediately enrolled into this class. Honestly, I wouldn't have given much thought or interest into photography if it wasn't for Trashhand, 13th Witness, Swopes & Van Styles.

I come from a small city island called Singapore. Below are my 4 shots which I feel represent the vibe and culture of Singapore.

Candid Portrait. — Taken w/ Lumix GX7 20mm Kit Lens.

The reason I've chosen this shot is because it shoes diversity which is the DNA of Singapore. We're a melting pot of people with different race and religion. I like how it is symmetrical — something that I look for in every image. Looking closely, you can see a very distinct separation between the two stairs. The one on the left has an older generation group while the one on the right has a younger generation. Also, I love how most of the subjects have either one feet up or down; but if you look at the old man with grey hair near the pond, he's got both feet on the same platform which portrays his slow mobility compared to the rest.

Motion. — Taken w/ Nikon D3100 18-55mm Kit Lens.

For the motion shot, I decided to showcase Coleman Bridge — Singapore's 2nd Bridge — which connects the city to Singapore's nightlife. I like how the place is rich with colours. You get a rainbow of colours from the Old Fire Station, lamps from pubs and bridges & lastly, light streaks from the boats that frequent the Singapore River. Besides the lighting, the Singapore River holds a long history of pollution which I feel captures the spirit of Singapore. In 10 years, Singapore managed to clean the entire river with the leadership of then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Look Up. — Taken w/ Nikon D3100 18-55mm Kit Lens.

Nothing says local more than the HDB houses you find in Singapore. Here in Singapore, majority of us stay in high rise flats; and this is my home for the last 10 years. This is the shot that inspired me to pick up my camera and start looking up more. It's been 6 months since I got really in depth with photography. I've always had my DSLR lying around collecting dust. Everyone's got their own start into photography. Mine was ignited through the inspiring work of @trashhand@swopes@13thwitness & @vanstyles via @thehundredsWithin 6 months my entire perspective shifted. I literally started to look at things from another point of view; finding vanishing points, perfect symmetry & most importantly, looking up in life. I guess this was more of a personal shot.

Night. — Taken w/ Nikon D3100 18-55mm Kit Lens.

This night shot was taken at Singapore's Central Business District — a place that never sleeps. The UOB Plaza One is Singapore's tallest skyscrapper standing at 280m tall. I love how it gives off a cold, dark, sharp and secretive Gotham City vibe to it.

I hope you've enjoyed a fresh view of Singapore city. Singapore is nothing short of beautiful. Just want to say thanks to Trashhand for this class and the opportunity for me to showcase Singapore to the world.

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