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Joelle Alcaidinho

Freelance Writer & Designer




ScoutList uses the principles behind positive reinforcement and behavioural learning to help you get more things done. 

How it Works:

  1. Add tasks
  2. As you add more tasks the gradient decreases
  3. Older tasks have less opacity
  4. Goal- complete the tasks before they disappear
  5. As you interact with the app you are reinforced intermittently (work of Karen Pryor and BF Skinner suggests this is the strongest for long term behavior change)
  6. After each task completion there is also reinforcement

// Progress

November 2013 - Paper sketches:

Mockup background experimentation

December 2013 - User testing with affirmative messages after task completion via interactive prototypes.

Began working through iOS 7 development lessons

Reworked Mockups for iOS 7:


Created Icon: 

January 2014 - Applying behaviour learning + positive reinforcement and adding more affirming messages at various touch points (even though the task is not totally completed)

Created Video:

Continued working through iOS 7 development lessons.

Created semi interactive prototype:


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