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Scott's Style Revolution

I want my new look to transform my image. To change how others see me. To change how I see myself. I want my appearance to reflect my newfound confidence and strength. Enabling me to connect with anyone I desire, and be comfortable in any situation.

My new look shows my strength. My posture and broad shoulders fill out my clothes. I'm healthy, trim and fit. My smile and casual demeanor put others at ease. My attire is dapper, sharp and timeless.

I’m standing in a crowded room, exuding confidence. Standing out in the crowd, and not running away. My energy level is high and I’m commanding attention. I look and feel, strong, sexy and confident. People respect me, and feel comfortable around me.

Work #1

Work #2

Date #1

Date #2

Regular Night Out #1

Regular Night Out #2

Day Off #1

Day Off #2

Best Outfit:


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