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Scott's Food Journey

I've been on an evolution of food throughout my life.  Growing up in a culture of eating for taste and sustinance, to serving and crafting small luxury in restaurants and bars, large scale manufacturing and distribution and evolving to a curiosity of origins, gardening, simplicity and health. Some times I am pulled in different directions and would like to create a clearly focused path.  Loved Marc's decision to use Artist rather than Entrepreneur to describe his craft.

Skin Brand

A passionate food lover that moves food through conventional trade. Connected to the international import and export community as well as conventional grocers and distributors.

Guts Brand

A passionate food lover who wants to share great, wholesome healthy and or indulgent foods with people.

Altough I have been reasonably successful, the business I work in tends to lean towards products that comfortably fit everyone and meet pre-designed profitability goals for people along the way.


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