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Jeanne Bosko

Textile and Surface Pattern Design



Scots Pin

Here's one I like from the Applemetal website:


I pulled together a pinterest board of ideas. Here are a few.




Went with the Scottish theme with the thistle as that is part of my family heritage.

Sketched a sheild shape with the Scottish flag cross & a tartan in the background with the thistle and leaves as the focal point.  Will scan in and start vectoring tomorrow!

After looking at it verrrry tiny, realized I had too much detail for such a small pin.  So took out the tartan BG and some of the line work on the thistle.  And here's the final!

The motto is from the MacNab clan "Let Fear Be Far From All."


Revised design re-imagining with larger fonts so they can be read in a 2" format.


Missing borders around words so that they can be inked at the factory.  By adding borders I had to change placement of text. and delete some additional detail.  Here is Revision #2.


From Jon's notes, made subtle but important changes so the lettering/design works with the metal stamping & color filling process.  Words are now solid (no outlines) so they will be the metal stamp only - no color.  Revision #3.




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