Scizzle - what's hot in your science

Scizzle - what's hot in your science - student project

Scizzle is a personalized dashboard for scientists so they can find everything that is sizzling hot in their science in one place and then be able to share, collaborate and organize papers of interests.

Help save a scientist some valuable time so they can figure out the important things! Tell them about Scizzle today!

Scizzle Viral Map

1. Major players:

researchers in academic settings:

a. grad students and post-doc fellows

b. Lab heads

c. researchers in non-academic settings

2. Selfish reasons for each player to invite friends to use scizzle

for (a) - the social aspect of sharing reading lists (it's a younger crows so care more about the social aspects)

For (b) - lab heads will be able to create a suggested reading list for their trainees and group (a) would feel good about knowing what their boss is reading and staying current with him/ her.

For (a+b+c) -

i. creating shared reasing list for labs, journal clubs and the such.

ii. getting more storage space

3. What can I charge each player

academic users will be charged $5/ month and non-academic users will be charged $10/month.

4. Why players would be motivated?

They'll stay on top of the relevant scientific literature, be current and they'll be asking "have you seen this paper?" instead of being asked and shamefully saying "no".