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Paige Ray

artist + illustrator



Scientific Illustration + Charm : In Honor of National Mule Day

Research & Thinking:

Choose scientific concept-
After finishing up my class I was procrastinating on Facebook and thanks to my college alumni, Southern Arkansas University, i.e. The Muleriders, I realized it was "National Mule Day" . With that being the case, I decided to illustrate the physical characteristics that make a mule a mule.

Gather references-
The most helpful references I found were at the links below:
This image

Sketching to Learn:

Below are the initial sketches. I'm not too terribly proud of them but as Christine mentioned, the drawing process did allow me to learn more about the subject.


Final Drawing:

Please excuse the horrible quality (and mis-orientation) of the "final" sketch. I use the word "final" because I realized that I had made some mistakes in the mane and tail region which I was able to re-do in the following steps.


Line, Value, and Color:

Below are the color studies for the mule. I actually had planned on using the red version so I'm happy that while playing around I discovered that the more "natural" burnt sienna was quite nice. ps. The color change trick was WONDERFULLY helpful. 

You will also notice that before I colored I shorted the mule's main (gave him a faux-hawk and took fullness out of his tail to make it a better representation while staying true to the non-realistic style.

I decided to keep my linework as loose/ thin/ non-continuous linework is one of the defining parts of my style.




Color, Texture, Hand-Drawn Type

This was my first time coloring anything in via photoshop. I consider myself a painter before an illustrator and I was hesitant to do this digitally. However, I realized that I was able to stay true to my style and really enjoyed the process. I didn't apply any texture, but will be referring back to this class in the future to make that happen as well.


Thanks for checking out my project.

Check out my other work at:


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