Scientific Abstraction Projects

Mini Project #1

Object: .45 mm handgun

See – Shining silver, clean, bright, reflective surface

Hear – Cries, the click of the hammer cocking, the sound of fingers caressing the surface

Smell – The scent of freshly spent ammunition, metal, pride and tears

Touch/Feel – A smooth chamber, a serpent engraved on the oversized safety, cold

Taste – Loss, burnt air


Mini Project #2

See – A medley of reds, greens, blues and purples cutting through the night sky over a white landscape, sparkles, shines

Hear – A light sound like the gentle humming of TV static, the soft blowing of cold wind

Smell – Sherbet or watered-down Italian ice. I smell serenity

Touch/Feel – bubbling excitement, loneliness as though it were tangible, the cold air stiffening my fingers

Taste – I taste ecstasy. Something like hope stands on the middle of my tongue


The Heart

A spiritual metaphor of the aurora

A spiraling display of convictions, contradictions, dreams and nightmares,

Brimming and glowing on a spectrum of neon emotion,

With flashes of vexation mingled with glimmers of passion

Shimmers of joy painted with bursts of melancholy

Inconsistent, ever-shifting,

This palette of celestial chroma hovers over the canvas of life,

Coloring each moment

Forever changing, Forever human



Mini Project #3

*Haiku Version*

 Myriad Feelings,

Like a Spectrum of Color,

Embodies the Heart