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So for my project I decided to recreate a piece of art from Jesse Lefkowitz (was unable to find the name of the piece). I started this project to try and expand further on my Photoshop background and really try to take advantage of all the programs available to me to expand upon my work. After browsing through everyone's projects I feel like I should've chosen something a little more challenging, but this picture still did a good job at challenging my skills and forcing me to learn new techniques.

I learned a lot about working with clipping masks from this project, I really don't know how i've been getting along without them for this long. I think about 75% of my objects were clipped in one way or another by the time everyrthing was said and done. 

The only things I didn't complete were the continents on the globe and the textures. I feel pretty proficient with the pen tool from Photoshop so creating the continents just seemed like a waste of time, and after running through a pretty extensive side-tutorial


I felt pretty confident in my ability to work with textures.

I got so into it I forgot to do progress shots, but here's the original finished piece. 

I learned a HUGE amount about illustrator from this class and am really excited to start using some of my newfound skills in my own pieces.


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