Science2Tech - student project

Science2Tech is a platform for knowledge sharing where researchers and companies can benefit mutually from eachother's assets. Researcher can upload their findings and companies can look for patents, licenseable technologies or just expert of a certain field. 

The Map
a. Researchers

b. Companies

c. Universities

2. List out any selfish reasons why each player would need their contacts/friends to join the service

a. Researchers can shine in the eyes of fellow researchers, professors or friends.

b. Universities want to show how innovative and forward-thinking they are. 

c. Universities want their researchers to join to show how "big", powerful and experienced their institution is.

d. Companies want to look better in the eyes of customers: more close to young researchers, more innovative.  

3. List out all things you could possibly charge each player for on the service

a. Universities for a premium membership: showcase of their research on the homepage/newsletter

b. Researcher to have access to the complete database and analytics.

c. Companies to have access to contact information and names of researchers/institutions.