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Sci-Fi Lady (complete)

I decided to go for a sort of urban sci-fi character design inspired by Resident Evil/ Underworld/ Matrix etc with a little bit of Star Wars thrown in. I think I could have been much more varied with my poses especially if I started looking into different weapons, although I felt the character seemed like more of a gunslinger.

Great class and great work so far! :) Can't wait to see more!

A little refining! :) Although unsure what characters to take further...

Chose my final 3 and sorted some propotions~

Then chose my final and onto variation! I tried to include more weapons and some cyborg features~

And here is the character design i've chosen as my final and that i'll be working up! I'm open for any suggestions/ changes/ opinions :)

And now for the final design:

My character ended up being pretty different from what I expected but far more interesting. At first I imagined her as some kind of rebel rouge but I now think of her as more of an adverturer. Originally I wanted her to be dressed in heavier, darker clothing but decided if she was running around and jumping from building to building that wouldn't be the easiest option. I also got quite inspired by the clothing worn by explorers from the 1920's so that style incouraged the design to take a different turn from the more gothic/urban idea I originally had.

For now her design is finished but I may go back into it in the near future. If you have any ideas, critiques etc. i'd love the hear them :)


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