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Irwan Cornelius

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Schwarz Star FC

Hi guys!

I am a graphic designer by profession and an avid soccer player. Back when I was growing up, I will always draw and colouring soccer kits and making my very own table soccer game by folding a cardboard in half to form the players and using a cigarette box as the goals. Naturally that obsession grew and I've been designing my own fantasy soccer kits ever since.

I play in an amateur social soccer league during my Saturdays in a team called Schwarz Star FC. Currently I am working on designing our new kits in time when our season opens in a few months time. So this class came at a perfect time for me. I would also like to move on from just tweaking templates and actually designing a sports kit from scratch.

I will undergo this class project to design a brand new kit for my team.

Club History

SCHWARZ STAR FOOTBALL CLUB was founded on 29th August 2004.

The name Schwarz Star FC is derived from the German language, and can be roughly translated to ‘Black Star’. The 5 corners of the star represent the 5 values of: Commitment, Determination, Unity, Passion and Pride – ideal attributes of every Schwarz Star FC player. Our team nickname is the Super Falcons.

Schwarz Star Football Club started off with 3 founders. Within a year, it had grown to around 14 players. To date, we have about 30-40 players in our roster. A big number but it comes in handy when match schedules conflicts with personal commitments.

We are divided into 2 teams due to our large numbers; The 'A' Team & the 'B' team. The 'A' team has recently concluded their season finishing up as runner-ups in their division. The 'B' team is still in the midst of their season but is languishing in mid-table.

We are coached by 2 coaches, certified by our country's Football Association. We have a clear philosophy throughout the team of playing a possession-based passing game.

The club is run professionally even though we are not a pro outfit. We have different departments within the club handling different matters; logistics, public relations and management. We conduct weekly training session during the off-season at our 'home' stadium, a football pitch within the premises of a public hospital and we hold pre and post season meetings and meetups.


We just clinched a kit sponsorship deal with Primera Singapura, a supplier of custom football kits. Our kits from next season onwards will be sponsored by them and we will carry their name on the back of our kits. We are still looking for a primary sponsor, preferably one that will sponsor us with cash.


Currently we're playing in a generic adidas kit of a salmon top  with navy blue shorts & socks. Hardly any character. We've had an all red kit before this but as anyone who plays in social leagues and matches will tell you, having a kit in traditional colours (red, blue, green, yellow) usually results in colour clashes with the opposite teams most of the times hence why we settled on a colour like salmon.

Colours are off in the 2 photos but rest assured, it's salmon coloured. Not pink nor orange.

We have an alternate kit of lime green with black shorts & socks as follows:

In preparation for our new season, I've designed a couple of team kits. Here are some of the kit designs I have developed using a template I got off the internet using Photoshop.

These first 2 designs I've stick to using our traditional colours of yellow and red. In all my designs, I've incorporated the falcon emblem as a centrepiece of the kits and also to make our kits unique.

I've experimented a bit more with colours for these 4 designs, choosing colours that's not normally associated with a men's sports kits (purple, pink, salmon) to avoid the dreaded 'colour clash' again.

The team has voted and we getting the white kit printed as our next home kit.

My project for this class will be to come up with an 'away' kit. And if time premits, I would like to update the team creats as well seeing that we will celebrate our 10th year in existence next year. Not a small feat when you consider that social amateur teams usually don't last that long.


As evident from my previous designs, I prefer my kits to be experimental and push the boundaries of what is possible in team kits designs. Here are some kits that I personally like and would like to emulate.

As you can see from my inspirations, I would love for my kits to be 'loud' either in terms of the colours used or the graphics used. I would like to deviate as far away as I can from the traditional 'safe' kit designs.


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