Schuurmans family crest

Schuurmans family crest - student project

Schuurmans family crest - image 1 - student projectYes, first assignment done on time! For someone great at procrastinating like me, that is a very big achievement! 

The elements used:

The name: Schuurmans. Obviously my family name, but in the name there is already a huge clue about my family. Most of them are farmers. Schuur means shed/outbuilding. So yes, obvious link to farming and all that. 

The corn: Obvious link to farming family again. Many will follow. Corn is also one of the crops our family harvests the most since that (and grass) are the main food sources for diary cows. 

The cow: Well, all family members that have a farm, have diary cows. 

That old timer tractor: Yup, my family really is only about farming. You don't want to be at family festivities, all they talk about are animals, the weather and crops. I also used an image of an old timer since quite a few of my family have taken the effort to restore their old tractors. 

The saying on the banner: The translation reads: "A summer whirlwind, means the weather will be beneficial for us this year." As a lil' kid I was always amazed how many sayings about the weather my grandmother knew. It was like she spoke this code-language that would predict the weather for the coming year. Also I live in Belgium, whirlwinds here are something cute and small in comparison to the stories you see on the news in America. They are also a rare occurrence. 

The colours used on the shield: Everybody of my family still lives the same lil' town. And in the next 50 years, most of them probably still will. Most of them are so sad I completely lost my 'local' accent. So the colours are stolen from the crest of that town since most of them are so sedentary and attached to that little town. 

Note to self what I learned:

- Certainly picked up a few tricks to speed up the work process. 

- I should keep in mind to duplicate things, it really has it's uses to have the 'original' form still hanging around somewhere int he file. 

- I should drag and drop resource images more often into Illustrator. 

Feel free to comment! There are still some details I am not too happy about. Like how the tractor is not the exact same style as the cow. Also have some slight doubts about the corn. 

Kat S
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