Main idea:

Personalized art/advice/quotes school

We're going to give an opportunity for all, not only to donate money, but leave a part of himself in the school of Guatemala/to share their experience with children

- We're going to create a website with a 3-D model of school. Everyone will have the opportunity to move inside, select a portion of the wall (brick), or object (a piece of board, desk, chair, floor).

- For each brick (piece of wall, object) designated price. For the exclusive area (board, poster, teacher desk, PC) auctions will be conducted.

- When you choose your piece of wall and donate, you can write a advice( stories, instruction, tips for lessons, signature, image, puzzle,  etc.). Every advice will be signed by name of author.

- All advices will be implemented offline in constructed school.

- After the construction of the school, the 10 most generous philanthropist will get albums with photos of happy children. (or smth else)

- All participants will receive photos and video report via email (or another channel).

- And we'll could start new project with loyal and happy audience :)

Top 3:

1. Coursera/Khan/Skillshare lection by Eric Shmidt/John Chambers. Lection fee 10$.


  • "Reshaping the future of people, nations, business" by Eric Shmidt:
  • "Internet of things" by John Chambers: 

Audience will like it.

Problem: hard to attract attention of this guys

Idea: To tell the story of Guatemala situation in unusual and very personalized way

Channels: it's all about their behaviour and media consumption. The way from home to work. Every bigboard is a part of the story. View from the office window on our last part and call to action. + Online targeting.

2. It all begins from pencil, but not all people have them.

I propose to create very emotional visual and video content. For ex. picture where pencils are the backbone of the bridge, but in guatemala it breaks(lack of education) and people/tourists fall down. Bad education - very high price for all people

Channels: Ask big platforms to locate our content on main pages. Use youtube donate button.

3. Personalized art/advice/quotes school


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