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Vera Poshivay

Illustrator, graphic designer



School supplies pattern

I really enjoyed the tutorial, watching the professional do their job. I also picked a couple useful tips about Illustrator :)

For my project I decided to avoid the floral theme and instead work on something that I've beed putting away for a long time - school supplies. I started with Pinterest and pinned some images there, then I got doodling.


I scanned my sketches and traced them in Illustrator (skipping the tablet). Then I started arranging them. Naturally, getting rid of the seams was the most difficult part. Somehow, lines kept showing not only where the borders were, but even in the middle of the tile. I did that in b/w as I am really struggling with colors, so I left it for last.


After I was done with the layout I pinned some pallettes, picked 6 colors out of those and here is what I came to:


It is also fun to turn it into 2-colors pattern:


My next step would probably be creating some less dense patterns with fewer objects.

I am grateful for Elizabeth sharing her inspiration!


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