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School of magic

In this little school of magic you learn to control, manipulate magic as the magic choose your way to do it. Not everyone can manipulate the elements or even do teleportation. Your body tells your magic and your magic tells your body.

In this school many teachers tried their best to show the way of magic to their beloved students. As the students grow in their maturity and their skills, as they grow older they will have too the responsability to show to the next generation how to control the art. 

I don't know if it is good or not. I'm quite sceptic of how everything goes. I'm more a realistic artist than a cartoon one. If you can help me out it will be appreciated ! 

Thank you

Yeah completly a new one. I thought the other wasn't good enough. Too hard to read. This one is more appealing to me and I think while I was sketching that I have more a european influence in my drawing. 


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