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School Bell Weather

It struck me that there aren't many weather apps designed specifically for kids. It would be nice to have something available for the "school-bus" crowd that would tell them to grab an umbrella, wear shorts, put on a jacket, grab some contextualize the weather for kids.

This is sort of grainy, but basically the navigation is a Facebook-style flyout where you set up your home location. The main functional screen has three panels, one with the bus arrival's time and weather (or it could be the bike or walk time's weather), and on the right panel the current time and weather icon. In the main part of the app, at the bottom, is a picture of the appropriate clothes to wear so the student can get a quick idea of how to dress. If it's pouring, we'll show a character with an umbrella, if it's snowing, with hat/mittens/boots, etc. I think I'd use animal characters, like a cute cat, instead of a kid, to avoid representational confusion.

A gear icon in the bus panel will allow the student to set the time that they want to track (bus arrival, commute departure, etc).

I'm going to use colors as suggested by Kuler

Here's a first pass at my lil weather cat:

I'm going to design for iOs7, as iOs6 just looks so outdated by now. Here's a good wireframing kit:

Here's my first screen:

I need to create a simple flyout menu that will allow the user to set the city to track and the time the bus comes or the commute starts. What do you think about the wrench iconography? For kids, I don't think the 'hamburger' three-line menu works well, and the gear looks like a snowflake. Curious as to your ideas.


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