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Scholar Fantasy Design

So, this is very much a new way for working for me! I've never approached character design like this, despite it being really popular. I started with a simple brief; I knew I wanted the character to be female, to be carrying/holding scroll's and to be some sort of librarian or scholar. The setting was general fantasy so that leave's me with some room to play with design's! 

I've just finished the first step and done a series of silhouettes and loose gesture drawings: 

There's a couple that stand out to me ( 3,5,9,11)  but I dont really know!  What does anyone else think? Any in particular stand out for you guys? 

The two middle gestures stand out the most to me ( this way of working is really hard!) I've never really shaded/coloured using just grey scale before and it's alot harder than I thought... 

I think adding value to the chosen thumbnails has been the hardest bit so far! I'm used to adding block colours etc rather than working with just grey's so that was a challenge, but now onto the Refining stage which has been the most exciting part of the process for me because I really started to see the character evolving: 

I liked the idea of her perhaps being quite clumsy, young but smart for her age. She dresses well to try and improve people's perception of her but she tend's to act before she thinks things through and so ends up making a mess ( kind of like me I guess ...) 

I'm choosing to work up number three for the next stage. I tend to fix anatomy/shapes at a later date which is a bad habit but just how I work! 

And the finished product! Such a good learning curve working in this manner and I'll hopefully be using it from now on :) 



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