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Scheinost Family Crest

Fearing that my own family crest would be mostly about the different varieties of local pizza chains, I decided to do a crest for a part of my family that I didn't know too much about.

My mother's father died at the age of 44 when my mom was little, and she moved across the country when she became an adult. So, growing up, we didn't know too much about this part of the family... just bit's and pieces. I started by questioning her about the farm. In the 40's my Mother's father purchase a farm in Massachusetts, kind of by Springfield. The farm was a dairy farm, they delivered milk door-to-door, and they had a storefront which sold dairy products including ice cream "by-the-scoop". The business name was "Green Pine Dairy".

Ok, let's get this out of the way. They had a dog that would ride the tractor. Yes. You read that right. Here's photo evidence. Obviously this has to be incorporated.  

Through a good bit of sleuthing, I found some of the actual Green Pine Dairy milk bottles on ebay. The auction ended long ago, but the seller was within only 100 miles of where the farm was! Milk bottle tops from the 40's and 50's are great. The colors and the shapes are all very inspirational. I decided the shape of the crest needs to be a circle. 

Aside from running the dairy farm, the family operated a dairy store in town where you could purchase milk and dairy products, including ice cream by the scoop.

I used the circlar shape from the milk bottle tops as a starting shape, and used the milk bottles as a surrogate laurel. I slowly started adding text and decorative elements and before long I had the start of something.

There was a lot of playing with shapes and line weights to get something that felt equal and balanced. The dog riding the tractor read as dog riding a tractor when zoomed in, but it was kind of a garbled mess when zoomed out. Lots of little tweaks. Slowly, everything had some sort of meaning.

I tried a couple different color pallets, but I kept gravitating torwards blue and yellow. 

Reversing the colors allowed me to make the milk in the bottles white... which makes them click! Hopefully by having the liquid white, and the word "dairy", it's understood that it's milk and not beer. 

In 1945, an escaped lunatic burned down the barn. There's a newspaper clipping somewhere that states this. Actually using the term "lunatic". Crazy!

Thanks for taking the time reading about the process. I'm pretty happy with the results! Any constructive criticism is welcome.


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