Scheduling Efforts

Scheduling Efforts - student project

Unfortunately I'm a PhD Candidate in English Lit first, and a writer second - something I'm looking to change in the future! For one, obviously by finishing the darn PhD, but also by becoming a full-time writer. I'm in the super privileged position that I was able to publish some short stories and that a few presses have expressed interest in long-form projects - I just never get around to finishing them because, uh, life gets in the way. You know the deal. 

For my project, I devised a schedule according to the class template. Technically, I'm still on vacation, meaning I was fortunate enough not to plan a lot of work/PhD stuff (I also did not set three goals for this week and instead focused on my overarching goals until vacation time is over) and got to stuff my schedule with awesome stuff. I want to actively work on developing a daily writing habit, so I've set the goal to spend at least one hour writing each day (Mon-Fri). Moreover, good writers are first and foremost ambitious readers - I tend to dismiss this as "not really writing" and therefore don't make time despite my intense love for reading, hence I added an hour a day for reading. Lastly, I hope to spend some time thrice a week on education - either Skillshare or Masterclass (or my in-person Irish class, wee!). I've made sure to leave ample room for self-care endeavors as well, the evenings are especially sacred to me. 

I hope this'll help me become a more regular writer and finally finishing a long-form writing project as opposed to the short stories I crank out like buttered pastries. I'm awre I'll have to cut back on the times dedicated once my jobs/PhD projects start post-vacation, but for now I enjoy dedicating huge amounts of time to creative stuff.