Schedule for last week

Schedule for last week - student project

Hello, Mrs. Brown and everyone who is in this class!

This was my schedule last week. Keep in mind that we are in social isolation (I am from Bulgaria) and my schedule is not so impressive.

I was working only 2 days last week. Monday and Tuesday I used to improve myself - upgrade what I already know in foreign languages; and get some new skills for future plans.

Something else I do very often nowadays is travelling online. I use different websites and plan future journeys. I really hope that at least one of them will be this year :) I always make time for reading books. I think it's really important because you improve not only your grammar, but also helps your imagination.

The Sunday is left empty since it was Easter - orthodox Christians celebrate Easter the week after Catholics. I always leave holiday empty because family is always first priority. 

Well, that's it from me :) Hope you're safe and healthy :)

Mihaela Encheva
There is something to learn every day :)