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Hello Everyone,

I originally enrolled in this class just to get a peak behind the curtain of how Matt works.

I planned to complete a project at some point, but I was in no hurry.

However, after seeing Matt's competition post and the awesome prizes he's going to give away...

I decided I needed to jump right in - I didn't want to miss the chance of possibly getting some one-on-one help from Matt.

So, here we go!

I'm going to be using my last name (Schafer) for this logo, as my first name (Joe) is only three letters.

Today's goals:

-Brush pen practice

-Pencil write outs

Alright, I've completed a large page of warm-ups/practice drills.  I did these with some Tombows, and had to switch colors quite a bit as all my markers were dying.  I do have some Kuretakes, so it looks like I will have to use those for the next steps.  I will be ordering the Zebra brush soon though - it looks great.


Finished a few pages of name writing...nothing is jumping out at me yet, but I'm going to walk away from this for the day.  



Back at it today...still wasn't finding anything I liked too much in yesterday's sketches, so I made some more...


Anyone see anything they like?  


More sketches...not much time today...looks like tomorrow is brush pens and vectorizing.  Good thing I've got the day free.



Started the day with some coffee and brush pen lettering...


Maybe a little too much coffee which led me to think I could be like Matt and just scan in a quick bursh lettered piece with no touch-ups/corrections...


This was a mistake.  I didn't realize how off everything was.  In hindsight I wish I would've corrected my sketch as I'm much better with pen and pencil at this point than vectors.  So, I haven't reached a point yet where I'm considering this thing's getting smoother though...slowly, but surely.  Here's my first three iterations...from crusty to smoothish...


The last is much better than the first, but still a lot to work on.

I will be back at it tomorrow.


Picked this project back up again...I decided I was never going to get what I wanted without redrawing the logo, so that's what I did.  The first one had lots of sharp edges, and I couldn't seem to rectify the problem in Illustrator.  As I mentioned before, I'm much more comfortable with pencil than pixel.  So, I used the same drawing, but traced it and worked on making it have a more rounded/smoother feel.


Here we go...back to vectorizing

Worked on the vectors's where I'm at:


More vector seems to never end...although, I'm going to call this the end and move on to another project.  Great class.



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