Scene for in the pale moonlight

Scene for in the pale moonlight - student project


The protagonist’s goal is to protect her friend from an enemy ninja by any means necessary 


              In order to protect her friend, the protagonist engages the enemy ninja in combat, as the enemy ninja has taken interest in her friend and won’t leave until they get what they want. 




The enemy ninja proves to be stronger than the protagonist expected, and they find themselves being beaten by the enemy. 



Frustration builds up within the protagonist as they realize how weak they are without the help of the antagonist. 



The protagonist considers asking the antagonist for help in order to defeat the enemy ninja 



The protagonist decides to handle the ninja by themselves, because they don’t want to rely on the antagonist 



The protagonist decides to use one of her abilities to defeat the enemy ninja 


Erin grit her teeth as she and Surien watched the enemy ninja approach them with a blank expression on his face. The man was tall and gaunt, it looked as though he was practically made of bone. His stride was confident and judging by his body language Erin could tell that he didn’t consider either of them to be a threat. Which made sense, he had effortlessly separated the two of them from Kuze, who was probably lost in the forest. Erin fought to stop herself from shaking, if she showed any sign of weakness the ninja would kill her.  

“W-what do you want?” Erin cursed herself for stuttering like an idiot. 

“What makes you think that I want anything?” The ninja said, “I just happened to see you two after that awful wind blew you and your friends away, I wanted to see if you were okay.” 

“That’s a lie.” Erin grabbed a kunai from the pouch on her leg, “You’re from a rival village, helping us doesn’t benefit you at all.” 

“Is it so difficult to believe that I have your best interests at heart?”  The corner of the enemy ninja’s lip curled up into a cruel smirk, “You’re quite paranoid young lady...” 

There was no doubt in Erin’s mind that the man was an enemy and judging by the way his eyes glimmered whenever he looked at Surien, she guessed that he was his real target. Even if she and Surien tried to escape, the ninja would be able to catch up to them. Or he would decide to use the air attack he had done previously. There was only one way that the two of them could get away, and that would be to kill the ninja.  

Erin tensed her legs, and then shot towards the enemy ninja like a spring-loaded toy.  

‘I’ll go for his jugular,’ Erin thought to herself as she sped towards the man, ‘It’ll be a clean kill, after that we’ll have to find Kuze and find a way out of the forest...’ 

Erin rose her kunai and stabbed at the ninja’s neck...only for the ninja to suddenly vanish before her kunai could pierce his jugular. 

“It seems as though you’re quite violent as well.” 

 Erin’s eyes widened as she heard the enemy’s voice coming from behind her. She turned her head to see that the ninja had avoided her strike at the last minute. A sharp pain exploded across her cheek as the man punched her, sending her flying. She crashed onto the ground and dropped the kunai she was holding in her hand.  

“It was quite easy to avoid your strike,” the enemy ninja said, “In the future, when you’re trying to kill someone try not to make your movements so obvious.” 

‘Damn it...’ Erin grabbed the kunai off the ground and got back onto her feet, ‘I didn’t even notice that he moved...’ 

She threw her kunai at the ninja, who caught it in between two of his fingers with relative ease.  

“Was that your best attempt?” The enemy ninja rose an eyebrow as he tossed the kunai aside, “Even a child could throw a kunai faster than you.” 

‘Damn it...’ Erin clenched her fist as frustration bubbled inside her. With Kaguya’s help, Erin was able to throw kunai fast enough that even experienced ninja had trouble dodging her throws. Without the goddess's help, Erin’s skills had greatly diminished. All of this proved that Kaguya, Erin was.... 

‘Weak....’ Erin felt tears begin to form as she stared down at her hands, ‘Without Kaguya...I’m nothing.’ 

‘Maybe I should ask her for help...’  Erin shook her head, ‘No if I did that then I’d be proving her point, I can’t rely on her forever!’  

“Hmm?” The enemy ninja tilted his head in surprise as Erin’s bones shot out from her fingers, forming makeshift claws.  “Is that your ability?” 

Erin glared at the ninja as she prepared to attack him again. She could fight on her own, she didn’t need Kaguya’s help! Erin let out a loud cry and charged towards the ninja...